Reasons to Achieve Accreditation

Fellowship training programs accredited by the UCNS take pride in their achievements and work hard to communicate the meaning and significance of accreditation within their institutions and to residents pursuing advanced training in their chosen neurologic subspecialty.

Top Reasons to Achieve Accreditation

  • Creates a competitive advantage that sets your program apart from other training programs.
  • Demonstrates that your program meets or exceeds minimum education standards of quality.
  • Increases program exposure through UCNS program marketing initiatives.
  • Helps residents identify training programs that contain the core subspecialty training curriculum developed by experts from leading institutions across the country.
  • Shows commitment to continuous program improvement that meets peer-reviewed oversight requirements.
  • Graduates of UCNS-accredited programs are eligible to apply for UCNS certification examinations.

Promote Your Program Accreditation

Once a program has earned accreditation status, utilize this achievement to recruit the best and brightest fellows and faculty to your program:
  • Include UCNS accreditation when promoting your institution's program to recruit fellows, faculty, or healthcare professionals.
  • Display your program's accreditation certificate in your department.
  • Send a memorandum informing internal stakeholders about the importance of UCNS accreditation and how it will improve the educational standards of the program.

Staff Contact

Amanda Carpenter
Senior Manager, Accreditation
[email protected]
(612) 928-6065