Continuous Certification Peer Comparison Data

Peer Comparison Data for C-cert Knowledge Assessment Quizzes

UCNS subspecialty certification is continuous contingent (C-cert) on diplomates meeting the annual maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements for C-cert. After completion of the required article-based annual reading list, diplomates must take and pass a knowledge assessment quiz. Diplomates see their individualized scores after submitting their quiz answers. A minimum score of 80% is required to pass the annual C-cert quiz. For peer comparison, the average score attained by diplomates on the first attempt of each subspecialty C-cert quiz as of December 31 of the C-cert year is shown in the table below.

2020 Quiz  2021 Quiz
Autonomic Disorders
86% 83%
 Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry 88% 93%
Clinical Neuromuscular Pathology 95% 94%
 Headache Medicine
83% 85%
 Neurocritical Care 80% 83%
 Neuroimaging 84% 82%
 Neuro-oncology 91% 97%