Transition to Continuous Certification

In 2019, UCNS began the transition to Continuous Certification (C-cert), replacing the previous recertification process and time-limited certification. Diplomates' certification status is now contingent upon meeting the C-cert requirements annually. Certification does not expire when annual C-cert requirements are met.  

UCNS diplomates with previous time-limited certificates

Beginning in 2019, diplomates holding time-limited certificates began the transition to C-cert by completing a one-time attestation that all subspecialty-specific continuing medical education (CME) requirements for lifelong learning took place during the time-limited period of their certificate as outlined in the CME Transition Requirements Table.
Beginning in 2020, diplomates must meet the annual C-cert requirements. Outstanding attestations will be accepted in 2021 and certification status updates will be made as outstanding annual C-cert requirements are met.

UCNS diplomates initially certified in 2019 and beyond

New diplomates begin participating in C-cert and continue meeting general C-cert eligibility requirements in the year immediately following year of initial certification.

Staff Contact

Bryan Hagerla, Continuous Certification Manager
[email protected]
(612) 928-6326