UCNS Announces New Neurocritical Care Diplomates

1-7-2022 The United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS) is pleased to announce the names of the physicians who passed the 2021 UCNS Neurocritical Care Certification Examination.  

Demonstrating their expert knowledge in Neurocritical Care, 57 physicians passed the subspecialty’s UCNS certification examination and now hold the distinction of being UCNS Diplomates. There are currently 1,543 UCNS-certified physician Diplomates in Neurocritical Care.

Congratulations to the following new diplomates certified in Neurocritical Care:

Fawaz Ahmad, MD  Ren-Shuoh Kuo, DO  Jeffrey Schroeder, DO 
Jennifer Axelband, DO  Wajaha, Lodhi, MD  Alfred Schwab, MD 
Ankit Bansal, MD  Rahul Mahajan, MD  Jeffrey Scott, DO, FCCM 
Muthu Bhaskaran, MD  Jaroslaw Mateuszczyk, MD  Rachel Sensenig, MD, FACS 
Ronbir Biswas, DO  Walter Mickey, DO  Faraz Shaikh, MD 
Louis Cannizzaro, MD  Melinda Miller, MD  Sapna Siddharth, MD 
Sudham Chand, MD  Jamshid Mistry, DO  Jonathan Simmons, DO 
Saqib Chaudhry, MD  Jignesh Patel, MD  Baljit Singh, MD 
Tanya Egodage, MD, FACS  Ronak Patel, MD  Danuel Snelgrove, MD 
Tammy Ferro, DO  Dhaval Pau, MD  Brian Snyders, DO 
Richard Gandee, DO  Kaitlin Reilly, MD  Hanns Christoph Stretz, MD 
Klepper Garcia, MD  John Roddy, MD  Saraj Suku, MD 
Kia Ghiassi, DO  James Rooks, MD  Luis Torres, MD 
Francisco Gomez, MD  Kathryn Rosenblatt, MD  Rebecca Vogel, MD, FACS 
Justin Granstein, MD  Philip Ross, DO  Christopher Voscopoulos, MD 
Karen Greenberg, DO  Ramesh Sachdeva, MD, PhD  Sheshali Wanchoo, DO 
Drew Jorgensen, MD  Kenia Samuel, MD  Christopher Wilcox, DO 
Kourosh Kahkeshani, DO  Bensson Samuel, MD  Salina Wydo, MD 
Hannah Kirsch, MD  Andrew Schnure, DO  Amer Zwein, MD  


Physicians in the United States and Canada who meet the eligibility requirements may apply for certification in Neurocritical Care. The subspecialty’s next UCNS certification examination will take place in 2023. A complete list of all UCNS diplomates and UCNS-accredited fellowship training programs can be found in the online Diplomate Directory and Fellowship Directory at www.ucns.org.