UCNS Announces New Neurocritical Care Diplomates

1-8-2024 The United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS) is pleased to announce the names of the physicians who passed the 2023 UCNS Neurocritical Care (NCC) Certification Examination

Demonstrating their expert knowledge in NCC, 54 physicians passed the subspecialty’s UCNS certification examination and now hold the distinction of being UCNS Diplomates. There are currently 1,381 physician Diplomates certified in NCC.

Congratulations to the following new diplomates certified in NCC:

Ahmed Abuawad, MD  Levi Howard, DO  Akash Patel, MD 
William B. Adams, DO  Wajahat Khan, MD  Sima Atul Patel, MD 
Laith Alreshaid, MD  Mahammed Ziauddin Khan Suheb, MD  John Pham, MD 
Dustin Anderson, MD  Christopher Kyper, MD  Chandra Shekar Pingili, MD 
Marc Ayoub, MD  Betsy Larder, DO  David Poliner, DO 
Murad Baba, MD  Anna Larson, MD  Nicholas Poponea, DO 
Yesica Andrea Campos, MD  Jeremy Charles Latimer, MD  Naga Pullakhandam, MD 
Simon Chi, DO  George Manuel Lu, MD  Ian Randall, MD 
Madison Collins, DO  Anand Mamdani, MD  Nicole Rassi Stella, MD 
Jose A. Colon, MD  Jaron Marriott, DO  Caitlin M. Richardson-Royer, MD 
Thomas James Cusack, MD  Nassim Matin, MD  Syed Ghazi Rizvi, MD 
Siddharth Dave, MD  Kimberly McPhearson, DO  Jonathan Cain Royalty, MD 
Ali Emami, MD  Abdul Sattar Mohammed, MD  Hisham Salahuddin, MD 
Meziane A. Guerch, MD  Rajen Vinodkumar Nathwani, MBBS  Dan Alexandru Silaghi, MD 
Keith Guevarra, DO  Gregory M. Norris, MD  Philip Y. Sun, MD 
Muhammad Usama Shah Hamdani, MD  Jideofor Obodozie, MD Spyridoula Tsetsou, MD 
Maximiliano A. Hawkes, MD Chidinma L. Onweni, MD  Rade B. Vukmir, MD 
James Raymond Hereth, MD  Grigory Ostrovskiy, MD  Mary Elizabeth Wilcox, MD, PhD 


Physicians in the United States and Canada who meet the subspecialty’s certification eligibility requirements may apply for the UCNS NCC certification examination. The next examination will take place in 2025. A complete list of all UCNS-certified NCC diplomates, UCNS-accredited NCC training programs, and information about NCC certification can be found at www.ucns.org.